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Attention! Before using the site, you are welcome, carefully read the Terms of use of the site, set out below.

By using this site further you confirm, that you have read and agree with these Rules. In case of disagreement with these rules, the use of the Site by the User must be terminated immediately.

All information, stored and published on this website, is the property of the administration of the site of the village of Tsikhisjvari.

The site administration allows you to view and download materials, posted on this website solely for personal non-commercial use.

The use of press releases and other documents is also permitted., which are public, indicating the source of information.

It is prohibited in any way without the consent of the Site Administration: reproduction, display and distribution of materials, posted on this website. Playback, display and distribution of materials, posted on this site is possible only with the written permission of the Site Administration. The materials posted on this site are protected by copyright and other rights., и любое несанкционированное использование любого из материалов данного сайта может являться нарушением международного законодательства.

By registering on the Site, you agree to provide true and accurate information about yourself and your contact details. As a result of registration, you will receive a username and password., for whose safety you are responsible. You are also responsible for all actions under your username and password on the Site.. В случае утери регистрационных данных вы обязуетесь сообщить нам об этом. Регистрация Пользователя на сайте является бесплатной и добровольной.

Пользователем сайта является физическое лицо, registered on the site in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules, reached age, допустимого в соответствии с Международным законодательством для акцепта настоящих Правил, and duly empowered (earlier and further - User).

When registering on the site, The User is obliged to provide the Site Administration with the necessary reliable and up-to-date information to form the User's personal page.

The user is responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with International legislation of the information provided during registration and its purity from claims of third parties.

After providing information, indicated, The user needs to go through a series of verification procedures, namely,

(a) confirm registration by recognizing an automated test, designed to distinguish between computers and people ("Captcha");

(b) confirm your registration by activating your personal page through a message, sent by the Administration to the User's e-mail.

In case of correct sequential execution of all registration actions on the Site, a personal User page is created. The user has the right to register no more than one personal page on the site. When registering, the User agrees with these Rules and assumes the rights and obligations specified therein, связанные с использованием и функционированием сайта.

  • The right to publish articles, ads, comments on articles, as well as posts and comments in blogs and forums have only faces, passed the registration procedure.

  • При регистрации не допускается использование вместо имени, surname or login of obscene expressions, website addresses, e-mail и т. п.

The site administration does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of materials and services, provided on this Site. The site administration makes every necessary effort, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on the Site. The site administration at any time without notice can make changes to materials and services, provided on this Site. In case of obsolescence of materials and services on this Site, the Site Administration does not undertake to update them. These rules apply to all visitors and users of the site..
Registration on the Tsikhisjvar village website is free. This means, that anyone can freely register on the website at any time, specifying a unique username and password.
Registration significantly expands the possibilities of using the site. Only a registered user can take full advantage of all the services of the site, the number of which is constantly growing.
The order on the site is monitored by the Site Administration. The site administration reviews all messages posted by visitors and, if necessary, can edit or delete them.
Advertising placement is prohibited, in any sections of the site.
It is strictly forbidden to use the mat in any form.
It is forbidden to add to the video section such videos as + 1OO5OO and the like.
All wishes and suggestions, as the content of the site, and for its services, undoubtedly, important to us. You can express them, by filling out the feedback form.
Any user's registration can be canceled, in case of violation by the user of these rules or in the absence of user activity during the year.

Using the materials of the site, the visitor agrees with these rules.

What is allowed on the site.

Placement of notices on the free bulletin board

Posting articles, records, comments on articles and posts.

Participate in the discussion of the Forum topics , and create new Forum topics yourself.

Participate in the chat on the site, размещении отзывов в Гостевой книге на сайте.

Post photos, video – relating exclusively to the village of Tsikhisjvari.

What is prohibited on the site.

Publications are prohibited, violating the law and contrary to ethical standards. Don't use photos, not related to the announcement or the topic of publication. • Do not include the name of another site and URL links in the ad text • It is not allowed to depict logos and company names in photos
• It is also forbidden to depict information and addresses, links and site names. DO NOT advertise agency and other services, sell any goods, offer deals, not related to the topic of the site;
Post any kind of false information.

Forbidden to publish ads, containing violations of any rights of third parties, including intellectual rights, citizen image rights, privacy rights and personal data rights. It is forbidden to indicate information about several objects in the additional description of the ad. It is forbidden to post an ad without the intention of selling or renting the property specified in the ad, or in relation to which such actions are limited or impossible. (eg, in respect of which an agreement has already been concluded for their sale or lease to third parties, made an advance or a deposit, as well as in relation to which there are any restrictions on registration actions).

Content, harassing, bullying or hate speech. It is forbidden to incite hatred towards other people on the basis of their race or ethnicity, religious views, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. You can not publish texts, photos and videos, containing insults or derogatory epithets in relation to categories of persons, protected from discrimination, and also post links to such content. Content, containing threats of physical harm or disclosing personal information, which allows such threats to be carried out.

  • Content, discrediting people, places or things, and also capable of infuriating or upsetting viewers or readers.
  • Obscene, rude or offensive language and gestures.
  • Encouraging and encouraging violence. It is forbidden to publish materials, containing realistic images of injuries and mutilations, scenes of violence and cruelty to people or animals, as well as content, which can shock or disgust.
  • Sexual and Obscene Content. It is forbidden to post pictures and videos depicting naked bodies or sexual acts. You can not use curses and slang expressions of a sexual nature, as well as hints of pedophilia. It is forbidden to promote pedophilia and bestiality, sexual violence and any kind of prostitution. Links to adult content are also not allowed.

All publications should be relevant to the topic of the site and contain useful information. Content, which is not related to the topic of the site, posting is prohibited. This is not a place for political disputes., public and private topics. Materials (edit), which do not follow the rules, will be deleted.

It is forbidden to upload and publish content, demonstrating rough treatment of children or containing obscene scenes with their participation. Such content includes any form of depicting minors in a sexual context. (including cartoons) and any other material of a sexual nature depicting children. Finding such content, we delete it and take the necessary measures: we block the author's account and send a report to law enforcement agencies and the National Center for Combating the Exploitation and Abduction of Children.

It is forbidden to post information about goods and services, subject to special laws. This applies to alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, financial services, drugs and unauthorized food additives, as well as medical equipment.

It is forbidden to advertise dangerous and illegal goods or services, and facilitate risky and illegal activities. This also applies to recreational drugs, weapons, fireworks, instructions for making explosives, as well as detailed instructions for committing criminal acts in the real world and any calls for them.

The content you publish must not mislead users. All information must be truthful and clear.

User safety is extremely important for site administration. therefore, publishing your content, you must protect the confidentiality of other people's data.
Note. It is forbidden to publish content, containing personal or confidential information, such as:

personal financial information;
official identity cards;
Contact Information, which contains names or lets you know them;
confidential recordings and images;
text recordings of conversations or links, containing personal information.

Examples of inappropriate content:

Misspelled or misused texts, meaningless texts, as well as automatically generated and annoying content (eg, blurry, poor quality images or illegible material).
Images or links, which distract users' attention.
Allowed publications in languages ​​that are present on the site ... (Russian, Georgian, Greek and English.)
Links to viruses and malware.
Links to sites, not related to the topic of the site.

Site administration.