Why register?

Why do I need to register on the site?

Almost all Internet users at least once in their lives faced the need to register on any resource. Surely each of them had the same question “Who needs it and why? What registration gives to the site owner?»

Attention! Registration is not mandatory for accessing site information and using its main services. However, registered users receive important benefits, which are not available to other site visitors. Registration is absolutely free and will take you only one minute. Register on the site only once. But with each subsequent visit, you need to log in: authorization is user identification, why you need to remember your login and password. Registered and authorized users have access to the "Personal Account" to manage the personal interface through the services provided. We guarantee the confidentiality of all information, provided by you during registration. Under no circumstances can your personal data be transferred to third parties without your consent.. Only registered users can participate in the discussion of topics on the pages of our forum.

In fact, all the necessary information is already visible, therefore, many users still tried to get away from the registration process.

Most people distrust registration, because they do not want to leave their contact information to anyone, considering, that they can be used for personal gain.

However, experts say, that all these fears are unfounded. Let's figure it out, why do you still need to register on Internet resources.

First of all, registration is authorization, giving us:

  • the right to participate in various discussions,
  • Post ads, articles, participate in forum discussions.
  • leave your messages, comments,
  • Express ones opinion,
  • the right to download various kinds of information (video or audio files, e-books, software, etc.),
  • opportunity to use all services, which are provided only to users, registered on these resources.

Sometimes for that, to register, you do not need to enter any personal data on the site. You only need a login (fictitious name) and password, which you yourself and come up with, as well as your email address.

If the registration process on the site requires more information about you, provide it, without fear, that it will spread throughout the network. All resources are arranged this way, that without your consent, registration data will not be available to other users, therefore, all information about you will remain hidden.

There are exceptions to any rule., therefore personal information, specified when registering on some site, for different reasons (as a technical, and moral) theoretically could be leaked to the public. On the other side, to be afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest.

In any case, everyone decides for himself: register with the provision of personal information or not register. Registration on the site with the provision of a login (fictitious name), the invented password and your e-mail address is not dangerous. Some users create a special mailbox for registering on sites - this is some prevention from possible spam, which can come from such sites after registering on them.

PS: In no case can you register with the provision of personal information ( passport ID , credit card numbers).

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