Rules for adding ads

General rules for adding ads

It is forbidden to post ads, the content of which does not correspond to the topic of the selected category. If there is no suitable category on the site, then the ad is not suitable for placement on our website; It is forbidden to insert meta tags into the ad, all kinds of code and incomprehensible symbols;

When using this site, the User agrees with these Rules and assumes the rights and obligations specified in them, related to the use of the site. The site administration does not bear any obligations to ensure confidentiality in relation to information, unless there is an agreement to the contrary or the relevant requirements of the current legislation. We draw your attention to the fact, that this site is for informational purposes only and is not a commercial project. The site administration is not responsible for damage incurred in connection with this site, its use or inability to use. The site administration reserves the right to change the information on this site without warning. The site administration reserves the right to change and / or supplement these rules at any time without prior or subsequent notice.

All ads are accepted for publication only in Russian, Georgian, Greek and English. Additional information in another language is NOT allowed, obscene phrases and information that violates international law . When placing an ad, the following rules must be observed: Carefully and correctly fill in all fields in the ad submission form. Fill in contact information carefully, especially when specifying contact phone numbers. By registering and publishing ads, you automatically consent to the processing of personal data.

2. It is forbidden to insert meta tags into the ad, all kinds of code and incomprehensible symbols;

3. Submission of ads is prohibited, containing profanity and violating moral norms;

4. Ads are accepted on the basis of: One object = ONE ad (one ad must contain information about only one object);

5. It is prohibited to indicate links to Internet sites in the text of ads.;

6. Ads may not be highlighted in capital letters, icons and symbols (in t. h. in order to increase the position of your ad in search results). Ads typed in capital letters are automatically converted to lowercase.

7. Repetition of the same ads in the same or different categories is not allowed;

8. The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, posted by site users;

9. ads, not complying with these rules, can be removed. Regular non-observance of the rules may cause a refusal to provide services for adding ads.

You can place an unlimited number of ads on the site for free.

2. Only ads about real estate objects located in the territory of the village of Tsikhisjvari are allowed to be placed..

3. Ads from real estate agencies, private realtors, developers, contractors and individuals are placed on uniform terms.

4. Placing an ad is possible after a simple and quick registration..

5. Be very careful when registering:

6. It is allowed to post ads with information only about existing objects.

8. The information about the object contained in the announcement must be up to date at the time of the announcement and fully correspond to reality.

9. It is forbidden to post multiple ads with the same object.

10. It is forbidden to raise an ad by removing and then adding the same option.

11. When submitting an advertisement with offers of services, subject to licensing, in the text of the announcement, it is required to indicate the license number and the name of the body, licensed. Recommended when contacting advertisements with service offers, subject to licensing, require a license, permitting activities in a specific service sector.

12. It is forbidden to indicate information about several objects in the additional description of the ad.

13. If the administration

will receive a complaint about an incorrect phone number or false information, the ad can be removed.

14. Responsibility for the accuracy of information, contained in ads, carried by their authors.

15. Forbidden to publish ads, containing violations of the rights of third parties, including intellectual rights, citizen image rights, privacy rights and personal data rights.

16. When promoting an ad, the service can only be applied to the selected object. In case of early sale / delivery of the object, the promotion service is not transferred to another ad.

17. It is forbidden to post an ad without the intention of selling or renting the property specified in the ad, or in respect of which such actions are limited or impossible (eg, in respect of which an agreement has already been concluded for their sale or lease to third parties, made an advance or a deposit, and, in respect of which there are any restrictions on registration actions).

18. It is forbidden to post ads with a general description of the range of services of real estate agencies and other organizations, in which there is no information about the supply or demand for a specific property.

19. It is forbidden to post ads, the content of which violates the law or generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.

20. It is forbidden to post ads with job offers or ways to make money, network product distribution announcements.

21. The site administration has the right to refuse the user (company) in posting ads without giving reasons.

22. The site administration has the right to change the requirements for the content and conditions for publishing ads.

23. The site administration reserves the right to edit free ads in order to give them qualities, easy to read.

24. The site administration reserves the right not to enter into correspondence with the authors of free ads.

25. The site administration reserves the right to further inform (by email or phone) the submitter of the announcement about the news and services of the site, as well as other information, including advertising.

When placing ads, you must fill in the fields in accordance with the following requirements:

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