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Question categories.

What is allowed on the site.

To place a publication on the free classifieds board, the first, what needs to be done, - register on the site. This can be done in the traditional way. (using login and password). You should also go through an additional identification procedure (confirm your email).After that, how will you sign up, you will be redirected to your personal account page, where you can add ads and where you will see the ad you have added.When posting a publication about the sale or rent of real estate, it is important to provide as much information as possible about the property. Be sure to indicate the type of transaction, housing cost, including the procedure and terms of payment, information about the location of the apartment or house. Also, the publication should indicate the email address and phone number., by which you can contact the owner. You can attach up-to-date photos of the object to your ad.
When submitting an advertisement for the rental or sale of housing, it is highly desirable to have photographs of the interior of the room, object.

To register on the site, click the "Login" button in the upper left corner of the site, and then "Register".

After filling in the fields, click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.

• After that, the activation code will be sent to the email you specified, after clicking the "Confirm" button you will be taken to the login window, where you can already log in. After that you will be taken to the page of your personal account and where you can add articles ,ads, photos and videos related only to the village of Tsikhisjvari

When posting ads on the free classifieds board – you should adhere to the following rules:

It is forbidden to post ads, which violate laws and contain information of an extremist or erotic nature.
Photos, which are attached to the publication must match the specified object.
Can't post ads, which contain viruses, malicious files or programs.
It is unacceptable to post publications advertising goods and services, which are not related to the ad.
Published ads must only contain valid information.

If the rules for posting ads on the free bulletin board are not followed, то объявление удаляется. In case of gross violation of the site requirements, the site administration has the right to block the account and terminate cooperation with the user.
Submit a specific statement only once

• It is unacceptable to submit the same ad several times, duplicate ads will be removed by moderators.
• It is also unacceptable, submission of the same ad by different users
• The user does not have the right to publish ads that contradict the existing legislation, such users are blocked.

Choose a suitable rubric, category.

• In the event that you have chosen the wrong section / heading, category, The Site Administration reserves the right to delete or drag the ad to the appropriate section
• One ad must contain a description of only one object / product / service

Registration is not mandatory for accessing site information and using its main services. However, registered users receive important benefits, which are not available to other site visitors.
Registration is absolutely free and will take you only one minute.
Register on the site only once. But with each subsequent visit, you need to log in: authorization is user identification, why you need to remember your login and password.
Registered and authorized users have access to the "Personal Account" to manage the personal interface through the services provided. We guarantee the confidentiality of all information, provided by you during registration. Under no circumstances can your personal data be transferred to third parties without your consent..
Only registered users can participate in the discussion of topics on the pages of our forum.

Personal account is a page, which is available only to that user, who was authorized on the site, thereby confirmed his identity. Any account on a social network is a personal account. When a person goes online, it can only see that information, which is in the public domain. And only registered users have access to the full amount of information.

A profile is needed not only for the website creator, but also to the user. With him, a person gets additional opportunities.. These include:

  • Communication with other users through correspondence in the internal system;
  • Login change, password and personal data;
  • Other operations, which are inaccessible to unregistered persons.

A personal account is an integral part of any website. But before you get it, the user must go through the registration process. To do this, you need to do a few steps.:

  1. Step # 1: the user fills out the appropriate form, examines and confirms consent to the terms of use of the site;
  2. Step # 2: come up with a username and password, then enter your email address. After submission, you will receive a link to confirm actions.;
  3. Step # 3: The user has access to the full arsenal of the site. To do this, you just need to enter your personal account using your invented username and password..

Worth remembering, that during registration you will have to enter personal data. You don't need to worry about this, since the official sites follow the privacy policy and do not disclose information to third parties.

It often happens like this, when a person forgets a username or password. You shouldn't despair, after all, it's quite easy to recover data. To do this, just click on the form on the site to click "Forgot your username" or "Forgot your password". System ask for an email address. After that, a link with confirmation of actions will be sent to it.. When the user follows it, then he will be given the opportunity to come up with a new username or password. After that, he can go to the standard entrance to the profile.

Also, some sites provide the ability to restore your account using a verification question or code, which will be sent by SMS.

Only the user knows the security question and the answer. Such a system has a high level of protection., since it is almost impossible to guess, what question and answer did the person come up with. And if it is combined with the code, sent by SMS, then such a profile cannot be hacked.

Question categories.

What is prohibited on the site.

Publications are prohibited, violating the law and contrary to ethical standards. Don't use photos, not related to the announcement or the topic of publication. • Do not include the name of another site and URL links in the ad text • It is not allowed to depict logos and company names in photos
• It is also forbidden to depict information and addresses, links and site names. DO NOT advertise agency and other services, sell any goods, offer deals, not related to the topic of the site;
Post any kind of false information.

Forbidden to publish ads, containing violations of any rights of third parties, including intellectual rights, citizen image rights, privacy rights and personal data rights. It is forbidden to indicate information about several objects in the additional description of the ad. It is forbidden to post an ad without the intention of selling or renting the property specified in the ad, or in relation to which such actions are limited or impossible. (eg, in respect of which an agreement has already been concluded for their sale or lease to third parties, made an advance or a deposit, as well as in relation to which there are any restrictions on registration actions).

Content, harassing, bullying or hate speech. It is forbidden to incite hatred towards other people on the basis of their race or ethnicity, religious views, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. You can not publish texts, photos and videos, containing insults or derogatory epithets in relation to categories of persons, protected from discrimination, and also post links to such content. Content, containing threats of physical harm or disclosing personal information, which allows such threats to be carried out.

  • Content, discrediting people, places or things, and also capable of infuriating or upsetting viewers or readers.
  • Obscene, rude or offensive language and gestures.
  • Encouraging and encouraging violence. It is forbidden to publish materials, containing realistic images of injuries and mutilations, scenes of violence and cruelty to people or animals, as well as content, which can shock or disgust.
  • Sexual and Obscene Content. It is forbidden to post pictures and videos depicting naked bodies or sexual acts. You can not use curses and slang expressions of a sexual nature, as well as hints of pedophilia. It is forbidden to promote pedophilia and bestiality, sexual violence and any kind of prostitution. Links to adult content are also not allowed.

Все публикации должны иметь отношение к тематике сайта и содержать полезную информацию. Content, which is not related to the topic of the site, posting is prohibited. This is not a place for political disputes., public and private topics. Materials (edit), which do not follow the rules, will be deleted.

User safety is extremely important for site administration. therefore, publishing your content, you must protect the confidentiality of other people's data.
Note. It is forbidden to publish content, containing personal or confidential information, such as:

personal financial information;
official identity cards;
Contact Information, which contains names or lets you know them;
confidential recordings and images;
text recordings of conversations or links, containing personal information.

It is forbidden to upload and publish content, demonstrating rough treatment of children or containing obscene scenes with their participation. Such content includes any form of depicting minors in a sexual context. (including cartoons) and any other material of a sexual nature depicting children. Finding such content, we delete it and take the necessary measures: we block the author's account and send a report to law enforcement agencies and the National Center for Combating the Exploitation and Abduction of Children.

It is forbidden to post information about goods and services, subject to special laws. This applies to alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, financial services, drugs and unauthorized food additives, as well as medical equipment.

It is forbidden to advertise dangerous and illegal goods or services, and facilitate risky and illegal activities. This also applies to recreational drugs, weapons, fireworks, instructions for making explosives, as well as detailed instructions for committing criminal acts in the real world and any calls for them.

The content you publish must not mislead users. All information must be truthful and clear.

Examples of inappropriate content:

Misspelled or misused texts, meaningless texts, as well as automatically generated and annoying content (eg, blurry, poor quality images or illegible material).
Images or links, which distract users' attention.
It is forbidden to publish in languages ​​that are not present on the site… (Russian, Georgian, Greek and English.)
Links to viruses and malware.
Links to sites, not related to the topic of the site.