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Tsikhisdjvari 1925 year.

Tsikhisdjvari  1925 year.
Tsikhisdjvari  1925 year.Tsikhisdjvari  1925 year.

Friends! This photo was taken in the village of Tsikhisjvari in the far 1925 year year. Resident of Kozani (Greece) gave this photo to Valery Konstantinovich Sevastov (Sevastidis) in Florina. Human,  unrelated to the village of Tsikhisjvari, saved and gave us this photo, he also had other photographs of the villagers , where you can hardly see anything. On the back of the photo is written Tsikhisjvari - 1925 year. But many residents of the village of Tsikhisjvari have old photographs in their family photo albums, which are unique today more than ever, but for what - why they don't want to share with us...


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Tsikhisdjvari  1925 year. 10
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