Service agreement

General Provisions.


⦁ This Agreement governs the relationship for the use of the website (further "Site") between the "User" and the Site Administration (further "Site")

⦁ This Agreement is a public accession agreement. The registration of the User indicates the accession of the User to this agreement. He fully confirms his agreement with the conditions listed below.. The site offers the User its service on the terms, provided by this Agreement. ⦁ The site is an Internet resource and is a collection of information on the subject of a free bulletin board, information, communication including in the form of a database, software, interface, which provide access to information, search for information in files, and also provides Users with access to its placement in the databases of the Site, on the Internet (including the network address: ).

⦁ The site is not responsible for ads (information, data), posted by the User. All transactions are concluded between Users directly. The site is not a party to transactions, but only provides the User with the opportunity to enter the statements into the database (information, data) about their services.
⦁ This Agreement applies equally to all, without exception of Users.
The site undertakes to do everything possible to ensure that the information is correct and up-to-date., posted on the Site. The site ensures the secrecy of messages and the observance of the confidentiality of information about the Users of the Site, except in cases, stipulated by international law .
The site is not a guarantor of correctness, precision, detail or completeness of information, posted on the Site by third parties. In this regard, the Site disclaims responsibility:
⦁ for any disruption to work;
⦁ for any errors in the work of the Site;
⦁ for causing harm, damage, loss of information or for causing any other damage to any person, that arose when using the Site service, including the costs of purchasing objects through the Site, loss of profit, customers or data and any other material loss, incurred as a result of visiting this Site or the inability to visit it, and also due to trust in any information, directly or indirectly obtained from this Site;
⦁ for violation by the User of copyright and other rights of third parties, by publishing an announcement (information, data), inconsistent with current legislation (including those regulating intellectual property), added by the User to the Site or transferred to the Site in another way.
⦁ The site is not responsible for the posting of information by hackers, namely the placement of ads (information, data) with deliberately false information, whose purpose – mislead the users of the site and obtain material benefits in an illegal way. This activity may contain corpus delicti “Fraud”.
⦁ The site immediately responds to requests from Users, who have become victims of fraudsters and gives them instructions on how to contact law enforcement.
⦁ At the request of law enforcement agencies, the Site immediately and in a short time provides all the necessary information (within technical capabilities).
⦁ The site informs Users about cases of fraud and fraud schemes. The site emphasizes, that the User must be vigilant and attentive, so as not to become a victim of scammers.
⦁ By posting ads (information, data), Photo, video materials and any other information the User provides the Site for ads (information, data), Photo, video materials and any other information, which are subject to intellectual property rights, a license to use any ads (information, data), photos, video materials, which are subject to intellectual property rights, posted on the website (further – "Intellectual Property License"). The user guarantees, that has all the rights, powers and grounds, necessary to grant such a license. This Intellectual Property License ends then, when the User deletes the materials published by him, which are subject to intellectual property rights, except in cases, when his materials were transferred to others and were not removed by them.
Site service description.
⦁ The site is a web service, which provides users with the following services:
⦁ Access to news, scientific and educational information, consultations, legislative acts on the subject of Tsikhisjvari village;
⦁ View contact details of Users.
⦁ Ability for Users to register and create accounts on the site. After registering on the Website The user gets access to the personal account on the website, in which he can publish information: contact information; information about the services offered; other information about yourself and / about the ad, of which he is.
⦁ Post comments.
⦁ The site does not carry out mandatory verification of the ads posted by the user (information, data).
⦁ All ads posted on the site (information, data) are considered the property of the Users who posted it until, until proper evidence is provided about the other.
⦁ Users do not receive any rights to use the information, posted by other users and are fully responsible to the owner of the information for misuse.
User, accepting this Agreement:
⦁ Confirms, that he has read the terms of this Agreement and accepted its terms.
⦁ Bears personal responsibility for the content of information and materials, published by him on the Site; for the safety and confidentiality of data for its authorization on the Site.
⦁ Undertakes to place Ads in all sections of the site (information, data) which correspond to the topics of the sections.
⦁ Undertakes to use the Site in accordance with current and applicable laws in this area.
⦁ Undertakes not to publish publicly available email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contacts of the Site.
⦁ Undertakes not to publish insults, obscene language, pornographic materials; materials, offending human dignity.
⦁ It undertakes not to publish logos or names of organizations without the consent of the Site Administration, doing business.
⦁ Required when adding ads (information, data) indicate information of only one object.
⦁ Undertakes to post ads (information, data) on the sale / lease of only those objects, which are in stock, and the User also has the authority to sell / rent such objects.
⦁ Undertakes to indicate any contact information only in the section “My Profile” and “My Menu”.
⦁ Undertakes not to mislead other Users, do not promote fraud, deceit or breach of trust, not transact with stolen or counterfeit items, do not offend other Users, do not send SPAM * or otherwise violate applicable law.
⦁ undertakes, on its own and at its own expense, to resolve disputes and settle claims of third parties in relation to the posted ads (information, data), or pay damages (including legal costs), caused to the Site in connection with claims and claims, the basis for the presentation of which was the placement of ads (information, data) User.
⦁ Guaranteed, that all ads (information, data), posted on the Site, are complete, credible, do not violate copyright, intellectual property rights of third parties, other rights of third parties and comply with the requirements of applicable law.
⦁ Undertakes to be fully responsible for both the text of their ads (information, data), and for the photos, graphics, video, messages, comments and other information, published on the site or transferred to the Site privately.
⦁ Respect the rights of third parties, comply with established traditions and ethics of the Internet, do not abuse the capabilities of the Site for purposes, contrary to the norms of morality and ethics.
⦁ Do not use the Site for:
⦁ accommodation, transmission or any other way of posting ads (information, data), which are illegal, harmful, threatening, offending morality, slanderous, violating copyright, propagandizing hatred and / or discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual, social characteristics; harm in any form;
⦁ infringement of the rights of minorities;
⦁ impersonating another person or representative of an organization and / or community without sufficient rights, including for the employees of the Company, for forum moderators, for the owner of the Company, as well as misleading about the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
⦁ accommodation, transmission or any other way of publishing materials, which the User does not have the right to make available by law or in accordance with any contractual relationship;
⦁ accommodation, transmission or any other way of publishing materials, which affect any patent, trade mark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights and / or copyright and related rights of a third party;
⦁ accommodation, transmission or any other method of publishing not specifically permitted advertising information, SPAM, pyramid schemes, "Letters of happiness"; downloads, dispatch, transmission or any other way of publishing any materials, containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs, intended to violate, destruction or limitation of the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs, for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet, as well as posting links to the above information;
⦁ intentional or accidental violation of any applicable local, national or international laws;
⦁ sending, sending emails to someone else's address, containing rude and offensive expressions and sentences;
⦁ sending, transmission of emails, containing pornographic material.
⦁ Undertakes to monitor the safety of personal data for authorization on the site (e-mail / phone number and password);
⦁ Undertakes to fill in the text fields correctly and according to the purpose (subject matter);
⦁ Undertakes to indicate (when registering and editing a personal page) data, relevant to reality:
⦁ In the “Name” field – data, corresponding to the passport data of the User, in the format:
⦁ Name.
⦁ First name Last name.
⦁ Name Patronymic.
⦁ Surname First name Patronymic.
⦁ As a personal photo – only a personal photo of the User in portrait orientation.
⦁ In the field: "Telephone" – your personal, home or work phone number.
⦁ Into the fields: "Region" and "City" – geographic data, corresponding to the real location of the User.
⦁ In the field: "e-mail" – personal / work email address.
⦁ In the field: "About me" – true facts, concerning the professional activities of the User.
⦁ Indicate when creating new or editing existing ads (information, data) reliable and detailed information:
⦁ In the sections "announcements" indicate real data, corresponding to the statutory documents, technical specifications, as well as the real state of the object at the time of publication of the announcement (information, data) on the site.
⦁ In the section "Price" – indicate the real price, relevant at the time of publication of the announcement (information, data) on the site, as well as other characteristics of the proposed transaction.
⦁ Add photos and video ads in that state to the database, in which it is located at the time of posting on the site.
⦁ In the “Text Description” field – indicate only real facts, concerning the announcement.
*Spam (English. spam) - mass mailing of commercial, political and other advertising (information) or other type of messages to persons, not expressing a desire to receive them.
PS: For all questions, related to the content of this Agreement or the operation of the Site,
You can contact the Site Administration .

Site administration.