Forum Rules?

General Forum Rules?

The site administration reserves the right to ignore individual violations of the rules, at your own discretion. The administration reserves the right to apply any sanctions, from editing messages to deleting an account, to the user, if he thinks, that his actions harm the site.

Attention! The site administration deletes topics and posts without explanation, not complying with the above Rules, and violators may be denied access to the Forum without warning. - Each Forum Participant, who added the message, is considered familiar with the Rules and undertakes to comply with them! - The Forum must comply with International Legislation. - You can write on the Forum in Russian, Georgian, Greek and English. - Not welcome: messages in capital letters, transliteration, as well as hiding IP. - The Forum administrator always acts under the name "Administrator". - The site administration is not responsible for posting false information. If found, - please notify the Administrator immediately. Insults are prohibited, threats, coarseness, discrimination, as well as discussion of the personality of the Forum participants. Запрещено использование ненормативной лексики, including abbreviations and transliteration.

1. Each participant of the Forum is fully responsible for the information posted on the Forum.. The Administration of the Forum is not responsible for the content of any topics and / or individual messages, excluding messages, hosted by the administration.

2. You agree not to post or send offensive messages to the forum participants., threatening, libelous messages, pornography, incitement to ethnic hatred, messages, degrading religious feelings or inciting hatred (racial, social or any other), and other messages, violating International Laws .

Attempts to post such messages may lead to your disconnection from the forum (in this case, your provider will be notified).
IP addresses of all messages are available to moderators, what makes it possible to carry out such a policy.

3. You agree not to post copyright infringing materials, do not send SPAM to the forum participants, do not use the forum to distribute advertisements of an extraneous nature, pyramid schemes and other illegal commercial activities.

4. You agree not to deliberately engage in imitative and provocative activities on the forum:
– chattering (persistent diversion of the discussion aside without explaining the reasons);
– by cart (long mutual throwing of side counterarguments without discussing the topic on the merits and ignoring the rest of the participants in the discussion);
– open or veiled mockery of individuals (criticism must be correct and reasoned);
– manipulating the minds of readers using text techniques.
Соответствующие сообщения будут сразу удаляться.

5. Our forum is designed to discuss events and opinions, but not to discuss people, who expressed these views.
For "showdown" it is recommended to use "Private messages".
Public "showdown" is prohibited .
Duplicate messages not accepted, except for important messages from the administration on all forums. Other identical messages are deleted.

6. Take care of that, so that the design of messages does not create difficulties when viewing. Avoid over-quoting. Extensive citation of Internet sources is not recommended, which can be hyperlinked to.
Don't neglect to preview your post before posting.
Edit your posts as needed (this can be done within an hour after they are sent).

7. You admit, what:
– the opinion of the forum administration may not coincide with the opinion of the authors of the messages;
– the administration has the right to remove any information from the pages of the forum, if a, in her opinion, messages, carrying this information, violate these Rules;
– messages, violating these Rules may be erased without notifying their authors, and the accounts of these authors can be removed from the forum lists, if such violations are allowed in the future.

8. General [ Prohibited ]

8.1 Use nicknames containing obscene speech, insults.
8.2 Use nicknames similar to those already existing on the forum.
8.3 Use nicknames containing ads from third-party resources.
8.4 Use a large number of big bars.
8.5 Use foul language in signature, insults.
8.6 Use signatures containing advertisements of third-party resources, agitation for the use of server bugs.
8.7 Use signature / avatar offensive, pornographic, intimate, as well as avatars already used by other users of this forum.
8.8 Register clones of existing forum accounts.
8.9 Any manifestation of racism and Nazism.
8.10 Sale / real money purchase, as well as equated to them "electronic means of payment".
8.11 Account transfer.

9. Topics and posts [ Prohibited ]

9.1 Create topics with titles, which do not reflect the meaning of the message, example - "Admins take a look", " All come here ", "Straight".
9.2 Create topics whose titles are written in uppercase (Caps Lock), exception abbreviation.
9.3 Create topics similar in meaning.
9.4 Create themes, with an appeal to a specific person or organization.
9.5 Write messages with negative statements, example - "Updates delirium", "Return everything as it was", "Online is falling".
9.6 Write messages that do not correspond to the topic of the section or topic (Offtop).
9.7 Write messages, containing images or links to Internet resources, pornographic.
9.8 Write messages containing advertisements of third-party resources.
9.9 Write several identical messages (Flood).
9.10 Use foul language in messages, Insults.
9.11 Write messages in uppercase (Caps Lock).
9.12 Move the topic into a dispute (для этого есть личные сообщения).
9.13 Cross-posting – topics with links to a topic in another section.
9.14 Write messages, containing deliberately false information or defamation.
9.15 Posting provocative messages with the aim of causing a flame, conflicts between participants.
9.16 It is forbidden to post links to file hosting, sites that allow you to download any software.
Any political discussion is prohibited.

* By registering on the forum, the user agrees to abide by these rules. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you of responsibility.

All questions, suggestions and comments on the work of the forum should be posted in the section "Forum Rules", either send to administrators via private messages or e-mail.

10. As a user, you are aware of, that the information you entered will be stored in the hoster's database. Check, what information about you is publicly available, following the link “profile”.
Although this information will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission, the administration of the forums cannot be held responsible for the actions of hackers, which can lead to unauthorized access to it.
Consider this feature of information exchange on the Internet..

The Forum automatically uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies do not contain any information entered by you and serve only to improve the quality of the forums.. Your e-mail address is used only to confirm your registration and password (and to send a new password if you forget the current).

Using the Forum is evidence of your agreement with these Rules..

Site administration.