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Irina Irina wrote on 03/10/2022 at 20:55
The most informative and interesting site from Tsikhisjvari among all, what did you see, wonderful photos, unique historical data and photos. Thanks to the author, prosperity site!
George Mavromatis George Mavromatis from Rostov-on-Don wrote on 30/07/2022 at 13:43
Hello. I'm looking for information about my grandfather Mavromatis (Jordan's) Isaac, who was born in Tsikhisjvari. The fact, that no one, I still don't know his date of birth. If there is such an opportunity to look at the records in church books about his baptism in 1893 year, then I will be immensely grateful to you. Thanks.
Kostas Admin Reply by: Kostas
Hello! We applied on the Tsikhisjvari village page on facebook, asking if anyone has any information - to share with us. As soon as we have any information, we will let you know...good luck!
Alex Alex from Tsikhisdjvari wrote on 21/11/2021 at 02:13
Have a good start!
Kostas Kostas from Tsikhisdjvari wrote on 01/11/2021 at 13:15
You can leave your wishes here, your complaints and just express your opinion, which we will take into account ... 😉