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Putting things in order at the cemetery is a sacred duty for everyone!

Tsikhisdjvari  2010

The cemetery is the place, where they pay tribute to the memory of the departed relatives, friends, to acquaintances.

And the state of the burial places of the dead speaks a lot about the culture of society. For all sane people is not a secret, that a man's memory comes from his heart, and only at the same time it is useful in preserving the history of the life of generations for their descendants.
A very important direction in the issue of improving the state of cemeteries is the human factor. People should keep order not only at home, but also there, where their relatives are buried.
The attitude of citizens to the memory of the dead and the worthy maintenance of burial places is one of the indicators of civilization , humanity and maturity of society. Human life on earth - continuous change of generations. Such is the immutable law of nature. Funeral culture is one of the oldest forms of social culture , widespread throughout. Most people visit graves regularly, where their relatives are buried, since burial places are places of historical memory of a person. The tradition of caring for the graves of relatives and friends is one of the most sacred and most human of all. For an Orthodox person, the attitude to the burial place of another Christian is completely sacred. For many years, the overhaul of the cemetery fence in the center of the village of Tsikhisjvari has not been carried out, due to the departure of residents and lack of funding. The issue of arranging a rural burial place is relevant for the residents of the village of Tsikhisjvari. The rural cemetery has an untidy appearance, the fence around the cemetery is all falling apart, wicket and gate in a skewed state. In this regard, animals freely enter the territory of the cemetery, leaving traces of their existence, destroying the graves.
The issue was repeatedly raised among the villagers. The object must be brought to a satisfactory condition. There are no garbage collection areas on the territory of the cemetery, which leads to the emergence of spontaneous dumps on abandoned graves, violation of sanitary standards, harms the ecology of the village. There is no running water in the cemetery, and no lighting. Cemetery improvement activities in the village of Tsikhisjvari require an urgent decision due to technical necessity, aesthetic expediency and the need to exercise the right of citizens to decently maintain the burial places of relatives in well-maintained , cemeteries that meet technical standards and requirements. About a hundred people regularly visit the cemetery throughout the year.. And from year to year , roll up your sleeves, Residents of the village of Tsikhisjvari are trying to clean up the village cemetery: patch up an old fence, bushes and dry trees are cut down ... But this is unlikely to solve the problem. To save the graveyard, need more serious work. Wait, that someone will come and clean up the burial place of our loved ones, don't hope, that someone will come and clean up the burial place of our loved ones . How did it turn out, one desire is not enough, and to put in order the burial place of the dead, big money needed. We hope, that all together, everyone who is related to the village of Tsikhisjvari will be able to bring the territory of the cemetery in line with the requirements.
- All who were born and raised in the village of Tsikhisjvari, where our parents are buried, grandfathers, grandmothers and many other relatives. Let's support our fellow villagers financially, who decided to take on such a responsible and noble burden. The money raised will be used to purchase a new fence and other building materials.. Work should begin with cutting down old trees. Clear the graveyard, a ditch along it, conduct water to the cemetery and conduct lighting.
High-quality fencing of the territory of the cemetery in the village of Tsikhisjvari will solve one of the serious problems in the village and improve the external and internal appearance of the cemetery, which will directly involve citizens in maintaining cleanliness and order when visiting graves, stop animal raids, which will generally have a positive effect on the territory of the cemetery. Requirements regarding the arrangement of the site for garbage will be observed. So I had to throw a cry through the Internet and ask for financial assistance from everyone who is able to help , who once lived in the village of Tsikhisjvari, whose relatives are buried in the rural cemetery for the reconstruction of the cemetery.
- All the residents of our village have relatives buried in the rural cemetery, native, friends. We have someone to remember, and it is our sacred duty to keep this place well maintained. The common cause of all should unite, everyone should participate in ennobling the burial places of their ancestors. Anyone who can help financially - in this noble cause, you need to contact the office Borjomi Tour in Thessaloniki and find out how to make your financial assistance. We must work together to clean up the cemetery.


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Putting things in order at the cemetery is a sacred duty for everyone! 10
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