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Website authors often ask questions: Is it worth creating a page "about the author"? What to write about in the section "About me"? Answer to the first question - definitely yes.

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Sevastidis Konstantin Alekseevich

About me…? Not, it's more about you! because, I am like you…

ambitious man, who wants to share his vision with other like-minded people!
Each of you is an absolutely amazing person.…? Yes you! Are you here, which means, what are you interested in learning about the village of Tsikhisjvari…

Why is it important to have a page "about the author"? Of course, this section of the site will not be of interest to all visitors. Most will just open the article, dropped in the search results, will study the material and close the site. But, as seen from observations, a certain audience will be interested in the author of the site.

In this way, if website visitors, decide to study the site in more detail for some of their purposes, but the author's page is not found. Who wrote the content? How to contact the author? Who is this person and can he be trusted?? Dont clear. And after many fellow villagers asked in private messages to write who the author of the site, it was decided to publish the page - "about the author". It is for this, to increase confidence, page created "about the author". So that readers know who the organizer of the site. Since the villagers know almost everything about each other, can be easier to contact, if the need arises.

The site was not created for one person personally, and for all the inhabitants of the village, and the site is open to everyone who wants to add new interesting materials to the site.

About the author

About the site organizers

The idea of ​​creating a site for the village of Tsikhisjvari, appeared when I was still in school. There was an attempt to create a site for the village of Tsikhisjvari in the distant 2013 year. The site was created, Certainly not of this level and quality., but the site lasted about 6 months, and then the search engines stopped crawling it. Because no one visited. But the idea of ​​creating a site never disappeared.. and as soon as there was time, I decided to recreate the site of the village of Tsikhisjvari. tell the truth, and now there is no particular desire among the villagers to visit the site, but the materials of the site are interested in almost all over the world. What was the purpose of creating the site of the village of Tsikhisjvari...? Objective of the project - create a user-friendly website, which, with the help of residents and guests of the village of Tsikhisjvari - try to make the visiting card of the sights of the village of Tsikhisjvari. This is mainly for young people who do not visit the village and do not know what is happening there., help this part of the youth, who, for some reason, cannot go or are not interested in the village at all, probably there are. That's all together we must try to attract them to the interest of the village. At the same time all together, to the best of my ability, we can try to save the effort and time of visitors, in search of necessary information. All the news about our village with you - so that visitors can find in one place, on the modern "Site of the village of Tsikhisjvari". We'll hope, what is our approach to creating a resource, will allow the site to adequately occupy its niche in the Internet space. The site will continuously develop and improve, wherein, opinions of our users will be taken into account. Anyone can influence the development of the site! If you have a good idea, be sure to let us know about it. , replenish with interesting materials. The best way to bring people together is to share their experiences., ideas, thoughts and feelings. Let's hope, what impressions, ideas, thoughts and feelings for our village Tsikhisjvari will unite us into one team. Anyone who can contribute to the development of the site, everyone who has time, opportunity and desire, will be welcomed.

Since this is our site with you, then we propose to develop it all together. Let's share ideas, news. ads, articles, video, you can upload photos and recordings on the Site yourself. By registering on the website of our village, and after authorization, you can add photos in JPG format, GIF или PNG, ΜΡ4 video files , and music in ΜΡ3 format . Also after registration, you can add any ads concerning only residents of the village of Tsikhisjvari, absolutely free. Also raise any topic for discussion or participate in the discussion of other topics on the site's forum ... there is a chat on the site, where you can communicate with each other, everyone is requested to register with their real names, so that when entering the chat they recognize each other. Let's form a team together, which can unite all like-minded people, all who are interested in the news of the village of Tsikhisjvari, can join us .

Thanks for understanding...!