Tsikhisdjvari small corner of paradise!
Kingdom of mountains - Magic wonders - Landscapes full of contrasts !!!

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Family - this is such a place, where do you want to leave in your youth, but in old age I want to return!
Tsikhisdjvari is fabulously beautiful - mentally - hospitably - and safe. Beauty, inspired by nature!!!
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In Tsikhisdjvari , all four seasons are unique in their own way., blooming spring, sunny summer , colorful autumn and fabulously snowy winter!!!
Each season brings new sensations, new feelings, feeling of harmony with nature!
Hospitable and sunny Georgia!

sights - Georgia!

Near Samtskhe-Javakheti

A beautiful country full of ancient secrets and picturesque landscapes, the beauty of Georgia has magic to captivate the hearts of all those, who visited this natural pearl of picturesque landscapes !

Tsikhisdjvari – village in Borjomi municipality – part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region … what you can see in the hospitable and sunny region of Georgia – Samche – Javakheti

Unique land - cleanest air - beautiful conifers - unique mountain landscapes - balneological and mountain climatic resort - healing mineral springs and a unique ecosystem inspire !
In Tsikhisdjvari - How much perfection and subtlest beauty - to enjoy the beauty of nature !!!
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Tsikhisdjvari "" village in Borjomi
municipality "" Georgia.

In Georgia, all four seasons are unique in their own way, blooming spring, sunny summer , colorful autumn and fabulously snowy winter await true connoisseurs of natural attractions.
There are many ancient monasteries and temples in Samtskhe-Javakheti. The cave monasteries Vanis Kvabebi and Vardzia are especially visited. There are more than a dozen fortresses in the region: Discount, Okros, Abuli, Zanavi, Melnisian, Shaori, Hertvisi, Tmogvi, Ackuri, Petre, Chobishevi, fortress Rabat in Akhaltsikhe. The region also attracts tourists in winter, when ski resorts start working …
Borjomi Municipality - a municipality in Georgia, part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Located in the center of Georgia, in the historical regions of Tori and western Trialeti. Administrative center - Borjomi. Borjomi is famous for its mineral water, which is supplied to many countries of the world , and, as a good balneological resort with modern sanatoriums.
After all, more 7% the territory of the country is occupied by Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park , which the, by the way, included in the list of the largest national parks in Europe.

Located on the banks of the river Borjomula, on high 1640 m, 36 km from the city Borjomi. According to the census 2014 the population of the village was 406 human. Tsikhisdjvari is a resort. Postcode : 1200 … Telephone code : +995 367…

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How to get to Tsikhisdjvari !

Get to Tsikhisjvari - - possibly by train to Khashuri or to Borjomi, either by bus, minibus, taxi or your own transport - - via Khashuri-Borjomi-Bakuriani! ....

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