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Every owner dreams of seeing the area near the house beautiful and well-groomed.. Plants in the yard are an integral part of a beautiful design. Therefore, you need to seriously approach the issue of planting flowers in the shade or in the sun..
Before planting, you need to carefully prepare the flower bed and create conditions for flowers in the shade.
Decide, where flowers will grow - near a private house or in a garden. It is better to give preference to the site, Where will the plants get enough sunlight?, but there will also be a shadow. So you can mix varieties of beautiful flowers and plants.
Remove perennial weeds from the area, their herbaceous species can be destroyed by drugs, and the roots of perennial plants are removed mechanically.

If you want to plant a variety of flowers in the garden, consider their size. Low perennial beautiful flowers can be used as a border for a flower bed design, tall annual and perennial flowers are best planted in the middle in the shade, so that they do not interfere with low annual herbaceous flowers and plants with small leaves.
For perennial and annual flowers, it is important to choose the soil, before planting. The soil in summer for flowers should be crumbly..

If the soil is too clay, add sand to it. Infertile soil is best mixed with compost already in the process of care. Also don't forget to fertilize the soil for beautiful perennials and annuals before planting., how to plant flowers in spring or summer.
To create a beautiful flower garden design near a private house, so don't miss this opportunity, where the flowers will grow, need to prepare:

mark out the flower bed;
remove the layer of earth and fill the drainage;
backfill the soil, to be mixed with compost and fertilizers.

The soil for flowers in the shade or in a sunny place in the garden should be loose and fertile., while for bushes in the shade, you can use the soil easier.

It remains to create levels if desired, relief and plant ornamental plants in the yard. Seedlings in spring or summer should first be large perennial flowers in the shade, moving on to annuals. After that, how to plant plants in the yard, need to water the flowers more often, especially perennial herbaceous, that self-seed.

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